Enable - Inspire - Achieve

The MFA Foundation was established in 1958 with the primary purpose of providing greater educational opportunity for the youth in our trade territory.

The Foundation's major activity is its Scholarship Program, which has provided financial assistance to over 15,000 college and university students from rural communities since its initiation in 1965.

Every spring approximately 325 scholarships are available for graduating high school seniors. The scholarships are sponsored by the MFA Foundation and local MFA agencies.

The MFA Foundation makes gifts directly and generally, in an unrestricted manner, to private colleges. While the college scholarship program constitutes the main thrust of the MFA Foundation, the Foundation also pursues other worthwhile projects.

The Foundation also contributes to programs that are consistent with the Foundation's original purpose of providing educational opportunity for youth. Included in these programs are: Missouri 4-H Foundation, Missouri FFA Association and the Missouri Young Farmers Association.

In addition, the MFA Foundation administers special scholarship programs and has also made substantial contributions to the University of Missouri College of Agricultue, Food and Natural Resources.

The MFA Foundation is incorporated under the laws of the State of Missouri. Officers and directors are officers and employees of MFA agencies and serve without compensation from the Foundation.

The MFA Foundation is a collaboration between MFA Incorporated, its local affiliates, joint venture partners and MFA Oil Company.